Friends of the Quonochontaug Grange


Recent projects and programs:

  • December Holiday Gathering and Sing-a-Long.Thanks to Bill Meyer for making all the arrangements including food and entertainment. A nice crowd of at least 50 people enjoy the holiday cheer.
  • Both lower level bathrooms remodeled and one made handicapped accessible
  • New, light weight tables (20) were donated to meet the capacity of the two levels
  • Parking lot expanded to almost double the available parking spaces
  • Outdoor lighting repaired and installed
  • New gutter installed on west side to take rainwater away from the building and give better access via the lower level entrance
  • Painting party held for the second year during January and February for this on-going project that has transformed the inside of the Grange.Over 210 hours of volunteer labor was contributed.Roy Jacobsen again coordinated the work and recruited the help. A special word of thanks to: Roy, Vin Bailey, David Devin, Mike DiRobbio, Bob Frazier, Paul Mathews, George Prior, Rich Thomsen, Steve Williams and Bill Wilson for their skill, help and dedication.
  • Upper level walls and fire suppression pipes repainted. The ticket office received a new coat of paint and the cleaning closet was re-taped, painted and for the first time a light was installed.  The Chair/Table storage area had all the holes repaired in the walls and anew chair rail was installed to protect the walls.
  • Lower level the ceiling was repaired and re-painted including fire suppression pipes. All the windows and doors were painted along with final coats of paint on the walls.
  • Stair case walls were painted
  • State-of-the-art AV system and sound attenuation panels were installed in upper level. It's been used for "movie night", birthday party music, presentations during various programs and even Skyping for remote meeting attendees.
  • In cooperation with the Quonochontaug Historical Society, a number of photos depicting Quonnie history were hung on the upper level walls. Please take them in. They are terrific.
  • Various maintenance and repair items were completed such as new entryway carpeting, upper level ceiling fans, electrical wiring and lighting in the previous kitchen area.
  • Updated this website.

In the short term, we are planning on (in conjunction with the DCFD):

  • Purchase additional stacking chairs
  • Replace the upper level HVAC unit.
  • Extend ductwork to heat office, changing room and hallway
  • Repair internal electrical wiring.
  • Stripe the parking lot.
  • Complete phase one of the kitchen area in the lower level to create a storage room and replace the ceiling tiles.
  • Repair the internal stairway from the kitchen to the stage.
  • Working with the QHS to choose and install additional historical photos and items on the walls of the lower level.

In the longer term, we are planning on (in conjunction with the DCFD):

  • Phase two of the kitchen area to create a " basic caterers" kitchen and increase the lighting
  • Install handicap walkways at both lower level entrances
  • Upgrade East and West Entrance Doors to ADA compliant
  • Re-do heating system and add AC using split units with heat pump in lower level
  • Match lower level walls similar to QHS using wainscoting

Some Future Capital Projects/Needs:

  •    Equipment for a caterer’s kitchen
  •   Re-shingling exterior where needed
  •   Re-shingle roof
  •   Additional insulation
  •   Main floor refinished

As always, we thank you for your continuing support of the Quonnie Grange and its historic significance and purposefulness to our community.