Friends of the Quonochontaug Grange

Specifications and Photos of the Upper Level


  • Dimensions:

o Main Hall 36’ X 42’

o Stage Area 20’ wide X 17.5’ deep

•    The space is heated and air conditioned

  • Capacity 109 persons


•    Dimensions: 8’X30”

•    10 in Upper Level

•    10 in Lower Level

CHAIRS: 60 banquet chairs plus additional folding chairs


  • Parking shall be in designated areas only.
  • If more than twenty (20) cars are anticipated for the event/meeting, the user shall provide “parking attendants” to direct attendees to designated parking areas.

NOTE: Unfortunately there are are no kitchen facilities at this time.



        Looking towards the                  Looking towards the                                           The Stage Area        

        Front of the Space                 Back of the Space

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